London Marathon 2021: the countdown

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Date: September 30th 2021

London Marathon 2021: the countdown

The amazing Becca who is running the London Marathon 2021 for Fallen Angels Dance Theatre tells us about her last few days of training and preparation. Over to Becca…

“So it’s the final countdown that we have all been waiting for – only a few days left until the big day!! I want to start by saying thank you ever so much to everyone who has donated and shown their support, it has been so lovely to receive!!

These past couple of weeks leading up to the Marathon have been tough as I have had to deal with pain in my knee due to IT Band friction syndrome (don’t worry I had no clue what this was either until my physio explained haha!). However, swimming has been my saving grace keeping me moving and hopefully keeping my fitness up to par! I have also found the encouragement from my friends and family second to none and seeing how much this challenge and the money raised means to Fallen Angels themselves as a charity is so motivating!

This week the excitement is building as I am planning what to wear for the marathon, I have my trusty running shoes and a sparkly, bright new yellow running vest that I have had printed and personalised, which is pictured here- so keep an eye out for me on the day whether that on the streets of London or on your TV!!

I am also heading along to the Excel arena on Friday to collect my race number and drop off my kitbag which is I’m sure when the reality will set in that the Marathon is around the next corner!! I cannot wait to cross the finish line and celebrate what we have achieved for Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, so wish me luck! ”

Everyone at FADT is sending Becca all the gratitude, luck and love this weekend! And we are so grateful to Chester Lions who made it possible by awarding us one of their Gold Bond places! Thank you!

You can show your support for Becca and help FADT by donating to her fundraising page here

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