Our Mission & Story

FADT’s mission is to provide high-quality dance theatre experiences for people in recovery from addiction where they are accepted, valued, and realise their potential.

We believe that everyone should feel included, accepted, valued and have the opportunity to realise their potential.

Our Story

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre was founded in 2011 by Paul Bayes Kitcher and Claire Morris.

Paul Bayes Kitcher with back to camera showing red wings Fallen Angels logo on Tshirt. In teh background a group of participants is looking at Paul.

Paul is a former Ballet Dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet and is in recovery. In 2009 he started to explore his own artistic practice by delivering participatory arts for people in recovery, helping them to explore their own stories through art, writing, contemporary dance and movement.

Founding Fallen Angels consolidated and expanded on that work through workshops, participatory project groups and professional performances in the North West and beyond.

Paul’s story, and through it that of Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, became the subject of a BBC3 programme titled Amazing Humans. In it, Paul explains: “It’s really amazing when you see people who can feel broken light up on stage. And then once they light up on stage the ripple effect starts to transform into other areas of their life.”