Equinox – Programme Notes

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Date: February 26th 2024

Equinox – Programme Notes

Programme notes:  

Equinox is an exploration of the seasons. A time where we move from Winter into Spring, which echoes the recovery journey. 

“When you are in addiction or struggling with mental health you can go through all four seasons in just one day.  When you are in the bleak winter of addiction with all its hopelessness and helplessness you can’t always see through it.” Dancer 

Director Paul Bayes Kitcher said: “It has been a real joy to work with this small focus group to create our latest work. 

“Addiction is a complex and often devastating condition – it can feel isolating, with individuals battling against their own personal storms. However, as winter eventually gives way to spring, recovery offers hope and the possibility of a new beginning.  

“Like the first signs of life emerging from the snow, the journey towards overcoming addiction can be a beautiful and transformative process, bringing warmth and renewed vitality to those who embrace it.” 

The event starts with a look back and to celebrate 3 years of the Spreading Wings project which culminates with Equinox performance, there will an insight into the development of the piece and a Q&A.  Post event you are welcome to stay for refreshments, and networking opportunities. 


Dancers: Colette Jones, Chellie Hughes, Natalie Woodcock, Amanda Bates, Marion Moeller, Rebecca Thornton 

FADT Artistic Director: Paul Bayes Kitcher  

Film: Darren Edge 

Choreographic movement: Dancers 

Producer: Claire Morris  

Costumes: Stephanie O’Hara  

Music: Vilvadi’s Four Seasons, recomposed by Max Richter 

Lighting & Sound Technician: Dan Langton 

FADT Engagement worker: Jude Miller 

FADT company support: Amy Fox and Emma Stringfellow  

Other Artistic contributions: Sam Ryley 

Supporters: Storyhouse 

Funders: National Lottery Community Fund 

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