Transfiguration: I Need

Transfiguration: I Need
  • Venue : Online
  • Date : March 24th 2022, 12:00AM - 12:00AM

Could you trust again?

In I Need, the second film in the Transfiguration trio, we follow the journey of an addict in the early days of recovery. 

Meeting up with his mum, he asks: I need you to trust me again.

She loves her son and wants to believe in he’s changed – but her trust has been betrayed over and over again. The torture and torment of his addiction didn’t just happen to him, it happened to her too. Addiction is a family illness that harms the people who love them the most. 

And she can’t go through that again when relapse might be just around the corner…

Transfiguration: I Need was released on on 24 March 2022.

Rated PG.

About Transfiguration

Transfiguration is a trio of 10-minute dance films, focusing on a series of defining moments in the journey from addiction to recovery. 

I Fall, I Need and We Rise explore key moments in the life of a person who experiences addiction, exploring craving, relapse, recovery, using dance theatre, text and digital technology. 

Transfiguration: I Need Creative Team

Artistic Director: Paul Bayes Kitcher

Writer: Eve Steele

Theatre Direction: Kate Flatt OBE

Film Director and Producer: Dan Thornburn

Composer: Tom Ashbrook

Dancer: Dominic Coffey

Actor: Eve Steele

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