Our Impact

Why dance and recovery?  

Addiction has a devastating impact of people’s lives. People in  recovery have already taken enormous steps to acknowledge  and address the impact of addiction in their lives. Our methods  link creative dance practice to recognisable processes in  addiction rehabilitation.  

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre believes creativity and arts  participation is a human right. Our social impact aims are to  improve wellbeing and inclusion for the people who take part  in our work. We offer a platform for personal growth and  achievement. 

Set in their own communities, people with no previous  experience of dance are welcomed into our outreach  programmes. The evidence-led approach can be truly  transformative – helping people in recovery to increase  confidence, improve physical and mental health and rebuild  social networks.  

We aim to build compassion and understanding around  addiction. We dismantle the stigma of addiction and build  sector skills in participatory arts and health. For audiences,  involvement and inclusion of people in recovery challenges the  public’s perceptions of what can be achieved. We believe dance  as an artform is enriched by including a wider range of  participants and by placing recovery stories centre stage in  artistic processes. Read more here

Supporting change for people in recovery 

As an arts charity that promotes recovery from addiction, we’re strong advocates for recovery-engaged arts practice. We link up with sector allies including Messy Connections, New Note Orchestra  and Outside Edge Theatre Company, Portraits in Recovery to nurture and amplify the distinctive voices practitioners and people in recovery bring to creative arts. Read More Here

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Why Progress Matters 

Personal development and seeing progress are vital to recovery from  addiction. Progress is key to developing what is known as Recovery  Capital. Here we explore what recovery capital is and why it is  important. Read more here

Annual Report

2022/23 Annual Report here

2021/22 Annual Report here