Programme Notes – Traces Through Time

Traces Through Time is a unique collaboration with Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and New Note Orchestra, this powerful production has been devised with the dancers and musicians in recovery, bringing their life experiences and stories to the stage. Fusing dance, music and spoken word, Traces Through Time explores the complex journeys of recovery including mental health adversity and transformation. 


Welcome note from Fallen Angels Artistic Director:

Welcome to Traces Through Time a one-of-a-kind performance that promises to be an unforgettable journey of healing and hope.  

This is Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and New Note Orchestra’s first full-length performance together. Prepare to be moved by authentic movement and captivating music, as we “Trace Through Time” a narrative that speaks to the heart and soul from our communities’ lived experiences of addiction and recovery. 

The performance delves deep into the human experience, touching on themes of struggle and resilience. It is a moving portrayal of the transformative power of creativity in the face of adversity. 



James Henson, Joanna Freeman 

Sara Arathoon, Tom Denbigh, Colette Jones, Dais Leach, Orlando Tirelli, Tamara Walker, Nicola Williams,  

With guest artists: Hannah Rudd and James McAuley 


New Note Orchestra Musicians:

Alex Mazonowicz, Keyboard and Theremin;  

James Evans, Keyboard 

Warner Albert, Keyboard 

Dawn Blake, Handbells  

Deli Vida, Handbells 

Vlad Shrek, Banjo 

John Sheriff, Electric Bass 

Roger Brophy, Guitar  

Matt Francis, Guitar  

Crispin Gair, Guitar 

Simon Young, Percussion  

Sean Quinn, Percussion 

Molly Mathieson, Flute 


Creative Directors:

Paul Bayes Kitcher is Artistic Director of Fallen Angels Dance Theatre. 

Paul trained at Royal Ballet School White Lodge, Central School of Ballet and Rambert School. His first professional experience was with Scottish Ballet and then Birmingham Royal Ballet where he became a soloist & had the privilege of working with world-renowned choreographers such as Michael Corder, David Bintley, Sir Peter Wright and Sir Kenneth Macmillan who created roles for him.  

In 2009 Paul began teaching within addiction recovery rehabilitation settings alongside developing his artistic practice, which led to him to co-founding Fallen Angels Dance Theatre in 2011. Today he creates professional work alongside delivering participatory projects within criminal justice, recovery rehabilitation and community settings, and is an inspirational public speaker. 


Conall Gleeson

Conall Gleeson is New Note Orchestra Music Director.

Originally from Dublin, Conall Gleeson is now based in UK where he has led the Performance and Visual Art programme at the University of Brighton. Having studied the viola at the Royal Northern College of Music, he also freelances across the South East as an orchestrator player and session musician.  

He has strong interests in creative-practice that instigates community-making and specialises in developing collaborations between national arts organisations and community groups who may have experienced limited access to the arts. Amongst his collaborators are The South Bank Centre and the Rockets Arts, a visual art community group for people with learning disabilities. 

Conall has been developing his collaboration with New Note Orchestra since 2016. He describes his collaboration as the equal sharing of musical skills and lived-knowledge amongst and between orchestra members. 


New Note Orchestra: 

Brighton based, New Note Orchestra uses music and storytelling to help people sustain their recovery from addiction. Providing a safe space for people to be creative, build confidence and develop relationships with people away from drugs and alcohol and helping musicians learn new skills and cognitive dexterity. 


New Note Orchestra

Production credits:

Movement Director: Paul Bayes Kitcher 

Choreographer: Paul Bayes Kitcher and dancers 

Music Director: Conall Gleeson 

Writing by: Louise Wallwein MBE, with stories told by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre & New Note Orchestra, with Poem extracts by Hannah Rudd 

Producers: Claire Morris (FADT), Molly Mathieson (NNO) 

Costumes: Stephanie O’Hara (FADT), Dawn Blake (NNO) 

Press & Marketing Robert James and Lucy White

Technical team: Lighting Designer: KJ Lighting Design  

PA to Choreographer: Dais Leach, Elizabeth O’Sullivan, Mollie MacPherson.  

FADT Engagement worker: Laura Mutch 

FADT company support: Amy Fox and Emma Stringfellow  

Other Artistic contributions: Sasha Cuttress, Deborah Whipp, Joshua Thompson


Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre are pioneers in delivering exceptional dance theatre experiences for people in recovery from addiction where they are accepted, valued and reach their potential.

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre was founded in 2011 by Artistic Director Paul Bayes Kitcher and Claire Morris Creative and Strategic Director.

Based at Storyhouse in Chester, we support people in recovery across the North-West to transform their lives and share the recovery journey with the wider public, through dance, performance and creativity.

Our recovery artists are at the very heart of our work, developing dance skills in our workshops, sharing their stories in research and development, and for some, auditioning and performing in our professional company.


Dancers biographies:

Joanna Freeman is a Contemporary Dance Artist, Choreographer and Teacher who trained at Rambert School of Contemporary Dance. She has worked with some of the most renowned UK choreographers such as Kenrick H20 Sandy, Kevin Edward Turner, Becky Namguads and many more. Since graduating from her Masters in Professional Performance and Practices at Salford University, she explored Dance as a form of therapy for Mental Health. This led her to Fallen Angels Dance Theatre where she could not only help those in recovery but express a more authentic side in embracing her own recovery journey from addiction.  

James Henson started dancing at the late age of 16 and studied at Central School of Ballet in London, as well as the Royal Ballet summer school. James joined English National Ballet in 2009 and Cathy Marston’s Bern Ballet in 2010. Whilst dancing in Bern, James worked with renowned choreographers; Mark Bruce, Andrea Miller of Gallim dance, and Medhi Walerski of Netherlands dance theatre. James joined Fallen Angels Dance Theatre in 2020 and has since performed several pieces including short film Transfiguration: We Rise with Fallen Angels as well as leading community workshops. 

Sara Arathoon. Sara trained in Performing Arts at West Cheshire College, her performing credits include: Act Up North, and various roles in TV and Film. Sara first attended Fallen Angels Chester group in 2019, Sara finds Fallen Angels an opportunity for creativity and helps her to connect to her spiritual side. She has an affinity to explore inner emotions through independent choreography and dance making.  

Colette Jones. Colette began her FADT journey at Storyhouse Chester in 2018. She attended an outreach workshop and has been with the Chester group at FADT since. Colette is a disabled recovery artist and since beginning her journey, she has overcome any barriers, grown tremendously in confidence, and has taken a key role in Fallen Angels and as a “Supporting Angel”. This is her first opportunity to be a recovery dancer with the Company.   

Tom Denbigh. Tom is an army veteran, a husband, dad and grandad and brings a wealth of life experience and wisdom to the team. He met FADT at Tate Liverpool in 2018 and is a member of the Liverpool community recovery group. has been a recovery dancer with FADT since 2021, featuring in FADT Transfiguration films, and various other projects and performances.   

Dais Leach. Dais trained at University of Wolverhampton, then went onto achieve a distinction in the MA: Choreography at University of Salford. Dais completed a placement with Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’s “Recovery in Motion” project in the recovery community in Salford, where having a keen interest in community, SEN dance education and personal experiences of neurodiversity aligned with the Fallen Angels company’s ethos.  

Orlando Tirelli. Orlando joined Fallen Angels in Liverpool in 2020, having originally trained at Performers Dance College in Essex, where he first experienced Commercial Dance styles. Meeting Fallen Angels he was introduced to contemporary dance and creative movement expression, which has helped him to better understand and explore his personal journey and neurodiversity. Orlando is a featured dancer for Ora films collaboration with Fallen Angels, the award-winning music video “Awakening”. 

Tamara Walker. Tamara was born and raised in Bulgaria, deeply embedding traumatic experiences gives Tamara the urge to discover ways for self-preservation. Tamara is now studying towards her MA in Contemporary Performance. She combines eco-somatic practices, and contemporary performance with her knowledge and long practice in the health sector as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Tamara joined Fallen Angels Dance Theatre in March 2022.  She says: “Every day I hurt and live in pain, just Fallen Angels days are painless through movement and dance”.  

Nicola Williams was born and still lives in the Wirral. She has always enjoyed dance and moving to music as it helps her to regulate her emotions and provides a point of escapism throughout her life. Nicola has bi-polar disorder and has been creatively recovering from some severe episodes for the past five years. She met Fallen Angles Dance Theatre in Liverpool through her involvement in drama with Collective Encounters – Theatre for Social Change. Speaking to audiences that have been moved following dance performances she has been part of highlighting the importance of recovery-based performances and have made her feel she has contributed to something worthwhile. 



Content Guidance: Traces Through Time includes references to trauma, mental health challenges, addiction, and domestic violence. 


Arts Council England, Foyle Foundation, Garfield Weston, Martin Geddes Trust