Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’s outreach dance activities in Liverpool, Chester and Greater Manchester inspire and empower people recovering from addiction.

Progression is core to our mission. We know personal development and seeing progress are vital for recovery from addiction. As the body and mind recover from patterns of addiction, new behaviours, coping rituals and positive relationships can be established. 

Our structured pathway of participatory workshops, creative volunteering projects, artistic training and performances creates a ladder of growth and development for people in recovery.   

Please see the below infographic using the dancers counts 5, 6, 7, 8… usually used as a signal to dancers to get ready to move.

Set in their own communities, people with no previous experience of dance are welcomed into outreach dance sessions. Here they can develop confidence in self-expression, learn dance vocabulary, feel body confident and gain a sense of being part of a community.  Consistent progression instils a sense of achievement. People in recovery actively contribute to our artistic processes, performances and award-winning short films. Performing is optional. Performance opportunities place an emphasis on the group experience and achieving something special together. 

Motivations for participation evolve over time. Newer participants mostly seek to build confidence and explore dance and mindfulness to support wellbeing. More experienced members are most interested in developing their creative skills and becoming more confident movers.  We offer mentoring and accredited training opportunities to support skills development and personal growth. We see people in recovery improve their wellbeing and gain valuable recovery capital critical for personal and social progression. 

Please see Our Impact for more information.