Random Acts of Kindness mission – July 2024 

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Date: July 4th 2024

Random Acts of Kindness mission – July 2024 

Fallen Angels Movement for Women’s sessions in Blacon have been thinking about and focusing on how they can give back to other women in the Blacon community. 

The group of women meet weekly currently at Trinity Hall in Blacon, they come together with the purpose of improving mental health by exploring creativity and movement. It’s a great way to feel good in readiness for the weekend.  

Recently the group created some wonderful paintings, which they are now using to create cards with positive messages in them designed for women. The group hopes that a card may just give another woman a boost they need.  

Giving back to others is one of the five ways to well being. On the Mind mental health charity website they say:  

Step 5 – Give 

There’s been lots of research about the effects of taking part in social and community life. Some studies have shown that people who help others are more likely to rate themselves as happy. 

Fallen Angels Movement for Women are giving back by creating these hand made cards to give to other women.. The cards are made by women, who are chatting together, making connections, and there is always laughter, good vibes all around 😊 

In our workshop on Friday’s 10am – 12pm we spend the first hour making cards, having a brew, and catching up, then the 2nd hour we are led through some gentle movement exercises, warm-ups, stretches and using our creativity through movement, this activity is open to all women, and is inclusive of all abilities. 

If you are interested in any aspects of this activity, please do get in touch or drop in to see us, contact: claire@fallenangelsdt.org m: 07801 478 548 www.fallenangelsdt.org  

This project is made possible through funding from Cheshire Community Foundation

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