Transfiguration: Meet Eve Steele

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Date: January 21st 2022

Transfiguration: Meet Eve Steele

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be introducing you to the team who have brought Transfiguration to the screen.

Today, we’re speaking to Eve Steele, who has worked on all three of the films.

Independent, established artist Eve Steele is an award-winning playwright and actor who has appeared on stage, TV, radio and film.

Her first play – Lub You – was presented at Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival 2009 and was nominated for Equity NW Theatre Awards: 24:7 Awards and Manchester Theatre Awards winning Best Performance in a Fringe Production.

Eve has also collaborated with Octagon, Bolton and HOME Manchester – and her work is regularly broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Hi Eve – can you tell us how the story of Transfiguration came about?

Yes, I spoke to Paul (Bayes Kitcher – FADT’s Artistic Director) about the idea behind this film, and he was keen to show addiction through a dysfunctional relationship which I thought was a really interesting idea.

So, I decided that it would be nice to contrast the dialogue with the dance. Because the dance is so amazing to watch and very beautiful but quite abstract, I thought a nice contrast for that might be to have the voiceover dialogue be naturalistic and down to earth.

Then I decided to write the dialogue in the style of an interview, with a male and a female addict talking about experiences before getting into addiction, their experience of addiction and then how they felt about trying to get clean.

What’s your writing process like for a project like this?

I write loads of material as I always do! I always over-write, and then I carve away at it and edit it down.

For this project, we experimented with me reading it out while the dancers were doing the choreography, and it felt like it was working really well.

What’s it been like working with Fallen Angels?

Fallen Angels have got to be some of my favourite people to work with. Not just because the work they do is amazing and really inspiring, but because of who they are as people as well – I just love them.

I also really believe in the ethos behind what they do – about addiction and recovery through dance. It’s so important, and it really means a lot to me.

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