Transfiguration is a trio of 10-minute dance films, focusing on a series of defining moments in the journey from addiction to recovery.

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A bit more about the Transfiguration Trilogy

I Fall, I Need and We Rise explore key moments in the life of a person who experiences addiction, exploring craving, relapse, recovery, using dance theatre, text and digital technology.

I Fall, the first film in the Transfiguration trilogy, explores the carnage and chaos of addiction. Focusing on the twisted love story between two addicts – how they can’t live with or without each other – and their unbearable compulsion to use.

But through the despair, we see that recovery can be possible.

I Need we follow the journey of an addict in the early days of recovery. Meeting up with his mother, he asks: I need you to trust me again. But she can’t go through that again when relapse might be just around the corner…

We Rise follows Fallen Angels Dance Theatre dancers in recovery. Based on a real account and poetry of Frank, a late Fallen Angels participant, We Rise explores the challenges of rehabilitation, facing adversity and how creativity can set you free.

The creative team for Transfiguration is led by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’s artistic director Paul Bayes Kitcher.

Paul is joined by writer Eve Steele and theatre director John Young in collaboration with film director and producer Dan Thorburn.

Starring in the films will be dancers Hannah Rudd, Jonathan Savage and Dominic Coffey, alongside three dancers in recovery from addiction, Tom, Rachel and James Henson.

Supported using public funds by National Lottery & Arts Council England.

In-depth Insight

To gain a more in-depth insight into the making of the Transfiguration films, WATCH NOW: When the Art is Your Story a live recording of a streamed event at Storyhouse, including showings of each film, plus discussion amongst creative collaborators and dancers from the productions.

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